Malerik Strong

A stern-faced half-elf born of the Vaelik.


Mal is a relatively young half-elf. Despite his mixed heritage, he has become a leader amongst the Vaelik, especially his own clan, the Heiron. He aspires to lead the clan to glory and protect all the Vaelik against outside influence. In spite of his fierce pride and loyalty to his people, he has a gentle heart and generous spirit.

He has volunteered his reputation and put his life at stake in order to invoke the Rite of Myadar to our heroes. His father, a human man named Erik Strong, is one of the few men in living memory who has completed the Rite of Myadar and earned a place among of Vaelik.His determination and sense of compassion set him apart from many of the full-blooded elves of the Vaelik.

Malerik Strong

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